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March 3rd - A Story of Children And Film (MT)


March 25th - Boyhood (QMT)


Apr 7th-The Homesman (MT)


Apr 15th-Two Days One      Night (QMT)


May - 5th - Futureshorts (MT)


May 13th - Tracks (QMT)


June 2nd - Jimmy's Hall (MT)


June 17th - Hundred Foot Journey (QMT)


July 13th to 18th - Hitchin Festival Films 6 nights (QMT)

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February 3rd

February 11th

March 3rd

Spirit of '45, UK, 2013, 94 min, (MT)

Dir: Ken Loach   Watch Trailer


An impassioned documentary about how the spirit of unity which buoyed Britain during the war years carried through to create a vision of a fairer, united society. 


This is one to make you think for sure. A great mixture of archive and contemporary material.  Never thought we'd be showing a film starring Attlee and Churchill amongst others...  Half price entry if you bring a Ration Book. Under 18's half price too.  

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Gone Girl (18), UK,2014,145min (QMT)

Dir: David Fincher. Starring: Rosamund Pike, Ben Affleck

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Based on Gillian Flynn’s best-selling 2012 novel which uses a page-turning plot line about the sudden disappearance of a smart, pretty, married woman called Amy Elliott-Dunne (Rosamund Pike - Oscar nominated).  


Fincher’s film whips up a storm. Along the way there’s a twist in the road and a bloody conspiracy. Nodding freely to everything from Fatal Attraction, to Alfred Hitchcock’s Suspicion.  No one is what they seem.  In case you missed it -very well received.

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The Story of Children And Film

Every so often we offer you something special and completely different.  This film is about childhood and about films starring children, with all the innocent energy they can give to the medium.  Mark Cousins follows his magnificent “A Story of Film” with this documentary, another  proof of his enthusiasm and vast knowledge of world cinema.


The film is nimble, distinctive and a treat.


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